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Start Simple with MyPlate Stories

Do you have a MyPlate story, success or tip to share? Have you used MyPlate and its resources to teach others about nutrition or to make a change in your own eating habits?

Tell us how MyPlate has inspired you and your family, friends, or community to eat healthy and be active. Stories shared may be featured on the website or social media and may be edited if necessary to remove profanities, endorsements/ advertisements, external website links, names and other personal information, spelling mistakes, and typos.


This website is really helpful. The advice is helping me to get in shape for my wrestling season.

Carter, Indiana

My husband and I began our healthy eating lifestyle in April 2015. As of September 2015, my husband has lost about 50 lbs and I have lost 20 lbs. But even better than that, my husband's blood pressure is normal now!

Tabbetha, South Carolina

MyPlate really helped me get my energy up and going since I have dance and cheerleading. Once MyPlate came to my school, it really helped me.

Aubrey, Wyoming

I have diabetes so now I eat healthy and use MyPlate.

Kolby, California

I use ChooseMyPlate in our district ESL program's weekly newsletter which is shared with ESL coordinators, teachers, aides, and assistants. Feedback is great and most are using for their personal goals. Thanks, MyPlate!

Vera, Guam

We use ChooseMyPlate.gov for our nutrition unit in health class and the kids love it!

Witt, Kansas

I am now a gymnastics coach after years of hard work and dedication to the team. MyPlate is helping me achieve my goal of becoming a better athlete.

Brittany, Florida

I want to be healthy forever and this website is the best ever!! <3

Amaya, New Mexico

This website is amazing. My sister who is 14 uses it all the time in her health class. She says it's the best thing ever.

Elise, Kentucky

Glad I learned about this website in health class! Now it is a useful tool to help me become more fit for the Air Force! Thank you!

Megan, Michigan