Start Simple with MyPlate Stories

Do you have a MyPlate story, success or tip to share? Have you used MyPlate and its resources to teach others about nutrition or to make a change in your own eating habits?

Tell us how MyPlate has inspired you and your family, friends, or community to eat healthy and be active. Stories shared may be featured on the website or social media and may be edited if necessary to remove profanities, endorsements/ advertisements, external website links, names and other personal information, spelling mistakes, and typos.


I used to be completely unaware of almost everything I was putting into my body. This great site helped me get my life back on track and taught me all I needed to know about nutrition.

Cameron, Pennsylvania

Learning what impact sports have on my life has helped me become a better soccer player. I am now training to play with my high school possibly next year. Thanks, ChooseMyPlate for your tips and suggestions!

Molly, Ohio

One of your tips was to grow a backyard garden. And that is what our family did this past summer. I was in charge of carrots and peppers and my sister was in charge of tomatoes and cucumbers. Eating veggies from our own garden really made healthy eating fun!

Beth & Sarah, New Jersey

I love MyPlate because it helps me get all the stuff I need. As I get old, I want to stay active. With MyPlate, I can do that! Thanks MyPlate!

Bo, North Carolina

I was never on track on what I was eating. It was usually pretty unhealthy. Thanks to MyPlate, I was able to organize my eating habits. I used to always drink sweet drinks and I didn't know they were not good for me. Now I drink mostly water. I used to eat too many salty processed foods. Now I aim for more vegetables, fruits, and overall healthy eating.

Anabel, Florida

I have found so many good ideas and food choices on this website. Now I eat better, my health is better, and I'm back down to my high school weight. (;

Amanda, Florida

I love this website and knowing that all the kids are learning on it. I could eat carrots all day!!

John, Georgia

I used to be a little on the chubby side (188 lbs) and I loved basketball but I was too slow. I found this website and started eating healthy and now I weigh 134 lbs and am very happy with my body. AND... I'm the best freshman basketball player on my team.

Rhett, Tennessee

I was 10 pounds overweight but I lost the weight by following what kids my age should eat and how much physical activity I should get. Thank you, MyPlate!

Anialka, Other

This website is super awesome!!

Justin, Washington