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Start Simple with MyPlate Stories

Do you have a MyPlate story, success or tip to share? Have you used MyPlate and its resources to teach others about nutrition or to make a change in your own eating habits?

Tell us how MyPlate has inspired you and your family, friends, or community to eat healthy and be active. Stories shared may be featured on the website or social media and may be edited if necessary to remove profanities, endorsements/ advertisements, external website links, names and other personal information, spelling mistakes, and typos.


My Nana watches my toddler and I happened upon this site while searching for information to help show her what toddlers need to meet their dietary needs. I found fliers, meal plans, activities and more!! I am SO pleased with this site! Thank you!

Kayla, Washington

MyPlate is an awesome tool to help teach children about healthy eating. It's colorful and provides well-balanced portions of the food groups. I used MyPlate to create my children's book that teaches children about healthy eating. Kids love it!

CC, New Jersey

Eating a balanced diet that includes all the food groups has helped me maintain a healthy life. Fresh fruits and vegetables have made my life better.

Michael, Illinois

Since looking at this website in my Food 1 class, I have started to eat the needed amount of each food group! I am so thankful for the website!

Hailey, Iowa

I do a lot of rock climbing at my university. I went to talk to the dietitian on campus and she recommended this website, which has informed me so much about how to have a proper diet to sustain my growth as a climber!

Zack, California

Thanks so much for this website! I have lost 56lbs since February! This site has helped me be mindful of my choices and the proof is in my weight. I'm not at my goal weight yet, but I'm on my way!

Cammie, Kentucky

ChooseMyPlate.gov helped me with my Life Skills class, with my grades, as well and keeping me healthy. :]

Elijah, California

Thanks to MyPlate I now know the amount of fruit,  grains, protein, dairy, and veggies that I am supposed to eat. I have lost 60 pounds!!

Devin, Nebraska

I attend a Wellness Group at my church and we have been using MyPlate at every meeting. We have about 22 members, and we get so excited when we talk about our individual MyPlate success stories.

Robin, Washington DC

A recent surgery made me sedentary for 4 months. I called my insurance company about healthy eating and a Wellness Coach HIGHLY recommended your website. My husband & I are purposefully eating healthier and exercising and we are enjoying it!

Treasy, Pennsylvania