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Start Simple with MyPlate Stories

Do you have a MyPlate story, success or tip to share? Have you used MyPlate and its resources to teach others about nutrition or to make a change in your own eating habits?

Tell us how MyPlate has inspired you and your family, friends, or community to eat healthy and be active. Stories shared may be featured on the website or social media and may be edited if necessary to remove profanities, endorsements/ advertisements, external website links, names and other personal information, spelling mistakes, and typos.


I love all foods and I usually eat all my veggies and fruits first. That way, I feel fuller and eat less of the foods that I should cut back on.

Susan, Rhode Island

My grand kids came to Alaska to visit me and told me about this website. Since then, I've lost 100 pounds! This site is amazing and worth it!

George, Alaska

Ever since I started MyPlate it has been awesome for me! I have lost about 20 pounds and am still losing weight. I really recommend MyPlate for everyone!

Ethan, Georgia

I used to be very overweight until I found out about MyPlate. Now I have slimmed down and am back to an average weight.

Jamal, Puerto Rico

My youngest granddaughter is picky when it comes to certain foods. I love using MyPlate and its resources to teach her about good eating habits. I also like to find new and exciting ways to introduce her to new foods.

Billye, Texas

I bought an Indian cookbook to figure out how to cook legumes so that they are tasty enough to get me to eat more of these healthy foods. It worked!! Now, I'm creating my own Indian-inspired dishes, combining legumes with lots of vegetables.

Linda, Virginia

I was on the thin side for an 8th grader of my height and age, and I was also kind of weak. Using your website gave me lots of new ways to gain energy!!

Julia, New Jersey

We're doing a nutrition unit in gym and my partner and I are doing a presentation on the Dairy Group next week. ChooseMyPlate.gov has been a really good site for looking up foods that are in the Dairy Group, nutrition information, tips, and also options for people who don't drink milk (like my mother!).

Makenzie, Florida

The biggest changemaker for getting individuals to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially children, is to have them actively participate in growing the food either at home with a home garden or at school. That's what I did as a child, and that's what I do with my own children.

Scott, Colorado

Not long ago, I was severely overweight and struggling to get through the day. I printed a lot of MyPlate's tips and followed as many as I could. First I cut back on salty foods, then added sugars, and then fatty foods. So THANK YOU, MYPLATE! I have gotten my life back and can now participate in sports and have a great life!!

Clara, Hawaii