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Start Simple with MyPlate Stories

Do you have a MyPlate story, success or tip to share? Have you used MyPlate and its resources to teach others about nutrition or to make a change in your own eating habits?

Tell us how MyPlate has inspired you and your family, friends, or community to eat healthy and be active. Stories shared may be featured on the website or social media and may be edited if necessary to remove profanities, endorsements/ advertisements, external website links, names and other personal information, spelling mistakes, and typos.


Your website has been a blessing to those who need help out in the community, schools, church groups, toddlers... I liked your recipe website [What's Cooking] that featured recipes done by kids. We used some of them. The kids loved knowing that other kids their ages created the recipes. They were inspired! Thank you.

Evelyn, New Mexico

Ever since I found out how to have a healthy diet on ChooseMyPlate.gov, I have kept my weight down and gained muscle mass by exercising more.

Zane, Idaho

Like many people, I struggle with getting too much fat in my diet. I read about fats and oils on your website and have learned some ways to cook with less oil and to reduce fats from meats. This will definitely benefit me and my family. Thank you MyPlate!!

Denny, Northern Mariana Islands

I want to thank MyPlate for making it easier to educate people who a lot of times only know one way to eat. MyPlate gives me educational hand-outs and brightly colored pictures for those who may not be able to read. We are reaching a lot more people. Thank you!

Renee, Nevada

I never ate a lot of leafy green things before my nutrition class this semester. Our teacher brought in kale and spinach and a few others and we each took one home. My Mom used one of your recipes and made a kale salad that I have to admit was actually really good! #GoMom

Kevin, New Hampshire

My uncle who eats lots of health food went to my little sister's kindergarten class and talked to them about eating colorful foods. Now, we "eat the rainbow" every night. Carrot juice is now my favorite drink and my little sister loves mangoes!

Zoe, Vermont

Every day your tip of the day pops up in my mailbox and I try to implement as many as possible. Making half my plate fruits and vegetables was my first mission. I don't always accomplish it, but I always try.

Travis, South Dakota

My wife learned about your website from her coworkers. They all focus on something new every month. This month, she brought home ideas about switching to whole grains. It was easier than I thought and I think the nutrition is much better.

Hosni, Delaware

I am in tons of sports at school and now that I have taken health class and learned about MyPlate I understand the importance of eating healthy and being physically healthy also. I do have some snacks here and there but my daily choices are mainly fruits and vegetables. It's worth it!!!!

Anselma, Michigan

So happy this site exist as it teaches me what to eat to be healthy based on what is required for my height and weight. I've learned a lot. Thanks!!!!

Elmira, Alabama