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Dairy Group Food Gallery

Dairy Group buttonThe table below lists some foods in the Dairy Group. If you click on the hyperlinked foods, you will see a picture of a specific amount of that food that counts as 1 cup-equivalent of dairy — or in some cases ½ cup-equivalent.

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All Fluid Milk

  • fat-free (skim) milk
  • flavored milks
  • lactose-free milks
  • low fat (1%) milk
  • reduced fat (2%) milk
  • whole milk

Milk-Based Desserts

Non-Dairy Calcium Alternatives*


Hard Natural Cheeses

  • cheddar
  • Gouda
  • mozzarella
  • muenster
  • parmesan
  • provolone
  • Romano
  • Swiss

Soft Cheeses

  • brie
  • camembert
  • cottage cheese
  • feta
  • ricotta

Processed Cheeses

  • American
  • cheese spreads


* Check the label to ensure the product is calcium-fortified.