Federal Partners

Federal employees and agencies/ organizations which carry out federal food, nutrition, or health programs, are invited to join as a Federal Partner for information sharing activities, such as receiving emails announcements. Federal email addresses ending in .gov or .mil are required.

Federal Partners are comprised of federal agencies/organizations which carry out federal food, nutrition, or health programs. The Federal Partnership provides opportunities for federal agencies to extend the reach of Dietary Guidelines for Americans* and MyPlate nutrition resources and communications by working collaboratively. Federal Partners will:

  • Promote nutrition content in the context of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans,
  • Collaborate to create resources or disseminate the Dietary Guidelines messages, and
  • Meet as needed to coordinate communications.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans shall be promoted by each Federal agency in carrying out any federal food, nutrition, or health program. H.R. 1608 - National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research Act of 1990

Become a Federal Partner