Weight & Calories

Weight Management: Looking for ways to help manage your body weight? This section is designed just for you.

Calories: Confused by calories?  Don't be. Calories are just a measurement tool, like inches or ounces. 

Counting Calories in Mixed Dishes: Many popular foods don't fit neatly into one food group, and some contain a lot of fat, oil, or sugar, which adds calories.

Empty Calories: Many of the foods and beverages Americans eat and drink contain "empty calories" – calories from solid fats and/or added sugars. Solid fats and added sugars add calories to the food but few or no nutrients.

Resources: Online tools to help you learn about and manage your weight and your calorie intake include:

  • The BMI Calculator identifies if you are at a healthy weight, underweight, overweight, or obese.
  • The SuperTracker is an online tool that helps you track what you currently eat and drink, gives you a personalized plan for what you should eat and drink, and guides you to make better choices.